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Volleyball requires honing skills, volleyball IQ, strength, recovery, nutrition and mental acuity. The Strength Center is designed to unlock athletic potential by developing movement patterns, mental strength, and physical literacy that translates directly to the court. By focusing on individual athlete’s needs, these individual and group sessions enhance on-court performance and reduce the risk for injury. 

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STRENGTH TRAININGS: Ages 11-18 | 30+ Players | Girls – Boys

1:1 Strength Session

These individualized sessions dive into the specific needs and goals of the player. Movement, strength, mobility, and skill workouts will allow the athletes to excel the next time they step on the court.

$65 | 60 Minutes | 1 Player | 5 pack: $299

1:2+ Strength Session

These semi-private group sessions are specific to your groups’ needs. Players will go through movement, strength, mobility and skill workouts so the athletes’ benefit from learning from the coach as well as their peers.

$100 | 60 Minutes | 2-5 Players

Tryout Ready

The sport goes well beyond the skills and strength of an athlete. Learn sports psychology principles, how to stay focused and how to win the mental game of volleyball.

$30 | 60 Minutes | 1 Player

Biomechanics Analysis

Each body is different and players at the highest levels know their own strengths and weaknesses to help their on court play, off court preparation, and recovery process. Players will go through a specific series of movements and volleyball skills to see where they have limitations that limit their performance. You will then be given specific tools to help address those limitations.

$75 | 60 Minutes | 1 Player

Free Consultation

There is so much more to the typical athlete in volleyball today. In the consultation, we’ll communicate our philosophy, progression-based system, and cohesive approach while you share goals, problem areas, and your schedule. Together we’ll create a plan to make you a better player and athlete.

FREE | 30 Minutes | 1 Player

STRENGTH TRAININGS: Ages 11-18 | 30+ Players | Girls – Boys

Complete Athlete Training (CAT)

This is a complete workout designed for the committed and focused player. These will blend Flows + Throws and MSM classes to get players to the next level faster. Be ready to work hard in this small group environment.

$50 | 90 minutes | 2-5 players

Complete Wellness

These informational sessions will get the player locked in with health, nutrition, sleep and overall body needs with TODAY’S information. Each session will cover diverse topics to start giving players current and relevant knowledge on being an athlete.

$20 | 90 Minutes | Max 16

Flows + Throws (Positional Specific Training)

These classes highlight specific movement, agility, and power flows to address the specific demands of each position. Pin Hitters, Middle Blockers, Setters, and Liberos will each have their own high intensity sessions to reinforce proper movement biomechanics that are specific to the skill demands of their position.
*Flows and Throws* refers to workout flows, normal throwing/hitting mechanics, agility, and medicine ball throws. These sessions will focus on the specific metabolic systems of volleyball, agility, and power.

$30 | 60 Minutes | Max 10 Players | 5 Pack

Movement, Strength, Mobility (MSM) Classes

These classes address general movement patterns, strength and mobility the athlete needs to make sure the body is working efficiently, and can withstand the demand of the sport of volleyball. Kettlebells, barbells and resistance bands will be utilized to build strength and power. Weight lifting increases an athletes’ performance but is still met with hesitancy. These sessions will ease players in, confirm existing knowledge or build off current experience.

$30 | 60 Minutes | Max 10 Players | 5 Pack = $

Prevention + Injury Recovery

These sessions focus on the spaces between. If you’re playing all the time or if you’re only working out certain muscle groups, your body will create holes and gaps in your movement and strength. Try driving with 3 wheels on your car! Learn the inner workings of your body, work out smaller muscle groups and learn how to stay on the court in these sessions.

$25 | 60 Minutes | Max 10 Players

Strength Ramp Up Series

This series is a 4 day program geared towards getting into shape for the upcoming season. Been on the couch too long? Want to make that next team up? Use this series to help you gain a leg up on the competition.

$110 | 6 Hours | Max 16 Players

Youth Strength Discovery

Young players now have a space to learn movement patterns, coordination and more while they evolve in their athletic journey. Each session will have various exercises and workouts aimed at creating a foundation for the young athlete.

$15 | 60 Minutes | Max 12 players

Volleyball Specific Training

Volleyball Specific Strength and Conditioning addresses movement patterns, exercises, agility and power flows that are designed specifically for volleyball players. We will develop strength and proper biomechanics that will teach the athlete to generate power in a way that prevents injury and equips them to be able to handle all the unique demands their position and the sport present.

$40 | 90 Minutes | 8 Athletes

Workout Packages

Players looking to develop in addition to their school or club load now have the ability to work closely with our Strength Center Coaches. Workout Packages are monthly programs designed for the specific athlete so players have a clear blueprint on how they can add strength, mobility, injury prevention and stamina to their volleyball game.

$299/month | 3 Sessions/week | 1 Athlete


Front Range Volleyball Club is a nationally prominent, competitive program dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball, fostering a sense of community throughout the Club and promoting leadership in all Club members.



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