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Our Philosophy

“Innovating to train safer, smarter, and more effectively.”

In sports as in life, what was good enough in the past may not be the best approach today. At Front Range we are constantly striving to optimize our methods of training and development to assist our players in becoming the very best that they have the potential to be.

Our coaching philosophy inspires our players and coaches to set challenging goals, work towards personal improvement, and to always be learning. As coaches and teachers of volleyball, it is important to us that our athletes understand the “why” behind what they do in the gym - so that they can clearly visualize the relationship between the life lessons taught through volleyball and their development as successful adults in the future. Front Range staff and coaches are innovators in the sport of volleyball, with the ultimate goal of expanding and enhancing the club experience for our youth athletes. Through our consultation with experts in the fields of sports psychology, biomechanics, and physical strength and conditioning, we have created a training program that provides our athletes with the tools to learn the game of volleyball in the safest and best environment possible.

We believe striving for continual improvement and working to become mature competitors, can help our athletes become successful people, as well as players. We believe that competence in a volleyball skill develops confidence as a volleyball player. Competence is achieved through the pursuit of mastery; therefore, training toward the mastery of skills and systems is a foundational piece of our program.

This process creates players that accept and love the challenge of training to mastery and who experience the enjoyment and personal fulfillment inherent in working hard to achieve a goal. Our players learn to value responsibility, teamwork, commitment, and perseverance.

  • Strive for continual improvement and knowledge
  • Training program that is safe & current with the latest scientific research on training in volleyball
  • Train toward the mastery of skills & systems