February 16th, 2012

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Power #2 Results

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Front Range teams have been competing the last two Sundays as they prepare for the upcoming qualifier season.

Teams are making great progress and are competing well at all levels! As always, Front Range has more teams playing in older age classifications more often than any other club in the region. This is one more thing that makes Front Range the most competitive club in the region!

Special congratulations to 16 Blue, 15 White, and 13 Scarlet for winning their age classifications!

Power #2 Even (Complete Results: 2/5/12)

Silver: Coach James Beasley
2nd in 18s Division 2
Blue: Coach Jim Stone
1st in 18s Division 3
Red: Coach Steve Colpus
4th in 16s Division 3
White: Coach Craig Kingsley
1st in 16s Division 4
Cardinal: Coach Dave Youngblood
2nd in 16s Division 5
Amber: Coach Bob Poulter
2nd in 14s Division 1
Royal: Coach Eduardo Fiallos
2nd in 14s Division 5
Boys 14s: Coach Rolando Buted
2nd in Girls 16s Division 6
Scarlet: Coach Jen Pokraka
1st in 14s Division 4
Pink: Coach Joe Brand
2nd in 12s Division 1
Rose: Coach Deb Keller
3rd in 12s Division 3

Power #2 Odd (Complete Results: 2/12/12)

Amber: Coach Bob Poulter
2nd in 15s Division 2
Royal: Coach Eduardo Fiallos
8th in 15s Division 6
Scarlet: Coach Jen Pokraka
2nd in 13s Division 1
Navy: Coach Michelle Hoffner
6th in 13s Division 2
Pink: Coach Joe Brand
4th in 13s Division 3
Boys 13s: Coach John Archer
6th in 15s Division 12

President's Day Weekend Events

President's Day

Front Range teams have a few things going on this weekend. All girls high school teams are headed to Omaha on Friday morning. 14 Royal, 13 Scarlet, and 13 Navy will be playing in Front Range's Winter Frost tournament on Saturday against each other and teams from CVA. 14 Amber will be scrimmaging against Colorado Gold. All boys teams, 12 Pink, and 12 Rose will be practicing as usual.

All teams competing in Omaha this weekend need to be at Front Range at 6:15am on Friday morning for departure. Links to the playing schedules for each team can be found below. Click here for complete tournament schedule information for the club.

Teams participating in the Winter Frost will start play at 9am. Click here to view the schedule for the day.

14 Amber will scrimmage 10am-12pm on Saturday at Front Range.

Teams that are scheduled to practice as usual can find the regular practice schedule here.

President's Day Classic

Play 9am court 25
Play 8am court 20
Ref 8am court 31
Ref 3pm court 13
Play 8am court 35
Play 8am court 44

Good luck, teams!

Pay Attention

When Coach Miret and Karch Kiraly speak, best pay attention!

A short while ago, Coach Miret sent a message out to the coaches that he's allowed me to post for everyone in the club, especially all of you players.

"Our strength and conditioning coach Billy Glisan often makes the comment that the human body will default toward movement that is energy efficient (easiest) which is movement that is not necessarily the best from a mechanical position.

Examples of that are everywhere, it is more energy efficient to slouch (easier, less muscles involved) when you stand than to stand with correct posture (uses more energy, more muscles involved = harder).

It is more energy efficient to bend over at the waist (easier, less muscles involved) to pick up something than it is to drop your hips, keep your spine neutral and lift with your legs (uses more energy, more muscles involved = harder).

In our sport it is more energy efficient to bend at the waist to pass and dig, but this is not the position that creates the best mechanical advantage. The best mechanical position is the position with a neutral spine, hips loaded and getting lower hips as players approaches the ball. This position that creates the mechanical advantage takes much more energy, and therefore always needs to be worked on with our players.

The same is true with attacking, it is more energy efficient to pick our hand up over our head and try and swing than it is to open our shoulders and draw our elbow back to load our torso and rotate your hips to begin your swing.

Same is true for landing, it is more energy efficient ( easier) to land on one foot with just the quads loaded, than it is to land on both feet, getting the hips back so we are using our glutes and hamstrings on landing and protecting our knees.

As coaches we can go on auto pilot in practice and not really direct the reps (easy), or we stop giving players feedback (really easy) because it is more energy efficient for us. The best way to coach takes much more energy from us and something we need to constantly be working on.

As coaches, we should always be working with our players on skills (not just telling them) and mechanical positions that put them in positions of mechanical advantage. "

You know he's not just speaking to the coaches here - that he also wants each of you to practice doing the more difficult move that gives you the mechanical advantage and the opportunity to consistently make plays. Now read his quote again, but insert "player" any place you see "coach."

Next, take a look at Karch Kiraly's post in the Winter edition of VolleyballUSA on page 20. He discusses the struggle we all have to overcome basic human nature and our tendency toward laziness and procrastination. He talks about willpower, what a tremendous asset it is in volleyball, and reminds us that, just like a muscle, it can become significantly stronger when we train it.

Two great volleyball minds are suggesting the same thing to you: practice the harder way consistently to become the best player you can be and then notice how investing the extra effort pays off for you and your team in the long run.

As for my suggestion regarding mental toughness? Take a cleansing breath while adopting a head up, shoulders back and down between points and as you step into every drill in practice, so you can easily step into an aggressive, focused, competitively determined attitude as you begin every point in competition.

With just a few weeks until Crossroads, now would be a good time to practice what Coach Miret and Karch are preaching.

Tim Engels, M.A., sports psychology consultant to Front Range Volleyball Club, is a sports psychology consultant and counselor in Denver, CO. You can contact him at (303) 956-5691 or

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