November 15th, 2011

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Try This On for Size!

With the beginning of each new season, there are a few items that always appear on the calendar in addition to practices. Be sure to mark these down so you're ready for the beginning of another great season at Front Range!

The first noteworthy day is this Friday, November 18th. This is the only day this week when we will not have regular practice due to our scorekeeper clinic. The maintaining scorekeeper clinic is 6-7pm. The new scorekeeper clinic is 7:15-10pm. Your coach will give you information about if you should attend or which clinic to attend.

The second noteworthy day is this Saturday, November 19th, when Boulder Running Company and Ortho Support will be here 9am-2pm. Boulder Running Company will have Vibram Five Finger shoes available for sizing (see more information in the article below). Ortho Support will have ankle supports available for sizing. Both will take orders and payment and your orders will be delivered to Front Range.

The third noteworthy day is Sunday, December 11th, which is picture day! In addition to a photographer being here, Ortho Support will return with ankle supports for sizing. Mizuno will be be here with shoes for sizing and Moss Embroidery will be here with a variety of clothing and accessories. All three will be taking orders and payments and will deliver purchased items to Front Range.

A Time To Shred

Do you have papers that need to be shredded and a heart? Then use your heart to decide where to shred the papers! Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado, an organization founded to benefit urban children is hosting a Community Shred Day this Saturday, November 19th at Regis High School. Each person is welcome to bring up to 3 copy boxes or one large trash bag full of confidential material.  The suggested donation is $20. For complete information on the Shred Day, view their document.

Boys Hope Girls Hope currently provides residential and school-based services to 40 boys and girls through donations like ours. Learn more about the organization here.

Minimalist Shoes - Less Can Be More

You may have heard or seen a certain type of footwear that looks like "gloves for your feet" or "toe shoes" at the gym, in the mall or out walking or running around. This is the footwear that has individual slots for your toes and have no cushioning or medial/lateral support. In the footwear industry, this type of footwear is considered minimalist. The “toe shoes” you are seeing are made by a company called Vibram (pronounced "vee-brum") and is gaining popularity in a variety of activities including running, walking, hiking, volleyball, mixed martial arts and aerobics.

Other than its unique look, you may wonder why people across so many different activities use this type of minimalist footwear. The answer is simple; it is a tool to strengthen your foot and lower extremities. Whereas traditional active footwear, a running shoe for example, has a heel to toe pitch of ten to fourteen percent the Vibram footwear has zero percent pitch to more closely resemble barefoot movement and the natural biomechanics of a person in motion. Traditional active footwear also places a significant amount of material directly under the arch to either provide cushioning or medial support form those that over pronate or roll their foot too far inward. Barefoot activities tend to more acutely activate the arch as there is no material underneath the arch to act as a crutch or pad and instead let the arch flex to its natural length then contract again when the weight of the body shifts to the other foot. Over time, this flexion of the arch, which is made up of eighteen muscles, creates strength, prevents the arch from falling and also keeps the arch flexible. A structured shoe, while useful in many other ways across the same number of activities, may actually prevent the arch from strengthening and in some cases may cause atrophy in some of the muscles that make up the arch. Vibram provides a variety of types of footwear that allow active people to incorporate a barefoot element to their routines to strengthen the arch.

Visit Boulder Running Company online or stop in to Boulder Running Company in Greenwood Village (8505 E. Arapahoe Road Greenwood Village, CO 80112) and talk with any of their footwear specialists about the benefits of incorporating barefoot activities into your workouts. Better yet, try on a pair of Vibrams yourself and feel the difference!

Alumnae Update

Want the full scoop on what Front Range alumnae have been up to on the volleyball court this fall? All the highlights coming up soon!

Girls and Boys Update

Another girls high school season is in the books and both the boys and girls are hard at work! The boys and girls news update will be here soon!

Winter Freeze 3v3 Tournament Next Month

The tournament of the winter break is back! Front Range will again host the Winter Freeze 3v3 Tournament over the winter break.

On December 19th and 20th, Front Range will fill up with middle school volleyball players playing to be crowned Winter Freeze champions. The tournament runs 6:30-8:30 on both nights and the entry fee is $100 per team. See complete information about the tournament here.

So grab two friends and join the fun! Sign up today!

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