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January 23rd, 2015

RMR Classic Results & RMR Power 1 Odd Sites this Weekend

RMR Power 1 Odd 1/25/15

15 White
15 Division 1 @ NORCO Facility
15 Cardinal 15 Division 2 @ NORCO Facility
14 Boys 15 Division 5/6 @ Ponderosa HS
13 Scarlet 13 Division 1 @ Chaparral HS

RMR Classic Results 17-18 Jan 2015

15 White
16 Gold/Silver Div., 2nd Place
15 Cardinal 15 Gold Div., 4th Place
14 Amber 15 Gold Div., 3rd Place
14 Royal 14 Gold Div., 3rd Place
13 Scarlet 14 Gold Div., 6th Place
12 Pink 12 Denver Div., 5th Place

Good luck to all our teams playing this weekend! Please support the teams if you can make it!

College Recruitment News

FRVBC Senior Class All Committed

Front Range Volleyball is pleased to announce that our Senior Class have now all committed, or signed, to play in colleges around the country next year! Congratulations Seniors!

Hannah Braun Georgia Southern University
Kelly Brunstein Southern Methodist University
Gabrielle Eyl Northeastern University
Blayke Hranicka University of Montana
Haley McLaren University of Oregon
Natalie Passeck Montana State University
Jordyn Poulter University of Illinois
August Raskie University of Oregon
Makenna Rockeman University of Sioux Falls
Brogan Wallin West Florida University

Big Sister Little Sister Mentorship Program

This week we are excited to again launch our Big Sister Little Sister Mentorship Program at FRVBC. This program partners players of High School teams with players of Middle School teams in an effort to drive community, communication and leadership within our club. This program fosters leadership skills within our older teams while providing an additional, and hopefully less intimidating resource to our younger players for questions regarding competition. This is strictly a volleyball mentorship. The point of this partnership is to help foster a community of competitive players. Younger players can have a mentee to turn to when they don’t understand any aspect of the competitive game.

This partnership is not about gifts. No money should be spent on your sister. The partnership is about helping younger players understand competition and volleyball on a deeper level and having an additional resource to turn to. This year 18 Black partners with 14 Amber, 16 Blue partners with 13 Scarlet, 16 Red partners with 14 Royal, 15 White partners with 12 Pink, and 15 Cardinal partners with 12 Rose (Pictured above at their first meeting).

Steve Huntingdale

As FRVBC forges forward after a very fun and successful weekend at the RMR Classic, it’s nice to take a minute and remember all the great training and practice sessions that got us to where we are today!!  For our 12’s-15s teams, they have enjoyed many practices based on the influences of out resident Middle School Team Coaching Consultant, Steve Huntingdale.  Huntingdale and Head Coach Jim Miret meet weekly to discuss how to improve our teams, as well as to decipher what drills would be most effective in bettering our teams.  Enjoy getting to know Steve Huntingdale a little bit more in this article!!

Huntingdale is a Colorado native, growing up in Aurora.  A true Coloradian at heart, he loves mountain biking, skiing, fly fishing, and of course, Denver!  He chose to attend Colorado State University and study to become a high school social studies teacher. During his time at CSU, Huntingdale fell in love with the game of volleyball, and spent time learning the sport by  playing doubles and 6 man.  In order to better his understanding, he took his first coaching at a local junior high in Fort Collins to get hours towards receiving entrance into the teacher credentialing program.   After his first experience coaching there, he was hooked on volleyball!  Once he graduated from CSU, Huntingdale had his first opportunity to put his degree and newly found volleyball coaching skills to work at Rangeview High School.  Soon after he began his teaching and coaching career at Rangeview High School, Lou Krauss introduced him to Front Range Volleyball Club, and he has been involved ever since (coaching from 1995-2006).  Huntingdale moved on from Rangeview High School to Smoky Hills High School, where he continued his career as a volleyball coach and teacher. 

Who Gets to Play and Why?

We are very grateful to Julie Edleman for this contribution. Julie is the mother of FRVBC alumna, and Colorado University starting setter, Nicole Edelman (right). Nicole led 18 Black to a gold medal at Colorado Crossroads in 2011, which qualified the team for USA Volleyball’s Junior Olympic Championships. The team also placed second that summer at the Northern Lights National Qualifier.  In 2010 she helped the FRVBC to a fifth-place finish at AAU Nationals and was named an AAU All-American. In 2011 she was selected to participate on the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team that competed at the FIVB Girls’ Youth World Championships

Once a player reaches a competitive level of play, equal playing time for all becomes a thing of the past. Club coaches, however, do want everyone to have court time since anyone can have a bad day and starters sometimes have to be pulled. Players on the bench have to be ready at all times because good teams aren’t made up of just the starting 6. Anyone can change the momentum of the game.  Here are a few position specific considerations that may determine who gets the most playing time:

  • Setter – the player who connects best with hitters, has strong leadership skills, and who makes the best decisions most consistently will play
  • Libero – the best libero take leadership and control of the back court including passing and defense
  • Hitters – The players who have fewer errors, and can put the ball away even in less than ideal situations (hitting against multiple blockers or with a bad set) will play the most.
  • Middles – those that can handle the fast pace of the game and can work hard to get open in transition will play the most. Middles are important for blocking so they need to be good at reading hitters.

The coach wants the players with the most consistency and best chemistry to be on the court. Players that can read each other are often the most successful. Attitude is also critical, since both good and bad attitudes are contagious. So if you would like more playing time, be the most consistent, positive, motivating player that you can be!

FRVBC on Instagram

Front Range Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that we have joined Instagram. Instagram is a free app that allows a user to share photos with followers. We will be posting pictures of our teams throughout the year through this application. Start following us today! Players- please feel free to start tagging yourselves in these photos. http://instagram.com/frvbc Be sure to tag us "@frvbc" when posting pictures at the gym or at competition.


Team Reps and Parents - Photogrid is a free app that enables a user to input several pictures into one collage that can then be shared with others through Social Media. This is a great option for parents and players to make collages of tournaments to send to us to be shared using our FRVBC twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. Please keep this app in mind.

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