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April 22nd, 2016

Important Dates

Regular Practice Schedule - Click here.

2016 Competition Schedule - Click here.

Power 6 Even - Sunday 24th April

14 Amber Division 2 @ NORCO Facility, 14 Royal Division 5 @ NORCO Facility, 12 Pink Division 2 @ Colorado School of Mines (Volk Gym)

Northern Lights National Qualifier (All Teams) - Travel Day 28th April, Tournament 29th April - 1st May

Open House - Saturday 14th May 2.30 PM (See this newsletter for details)

Save the Date! - Saturday 21st May at 1.00 PM the unveiling of the Front Range Volleyball Club Walls of Fame! Details to follow.

FRVBC Banquet 5 PM - Sunday 22nd May.

Shoes Worn Out?

As the season reaches it's final phase some of you may be thinking of new shoes! We have a few pairs of shoes left for sale at great prices. The following sizes are available at this time.

Mizuno Wave Lightning ($70.00) - Sizes 6, 7

Mizuno Wave Bolt ($60.00) - Sizes 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5, 10.5, 11

Contact Jen Youngblood or Steve Colpus if you wish to make a purchase

Our Rockin’ Rio Olympic Themed End-of-the Year Awards Banquet will be held on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from 5pm-8pm and located at the Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel (9808 Sunningdale Blvd. Lone Tree, CO 80124.)

We use this event to honor accomplishments made over the course of the year and to celebrate our season as a club. Dress is Formal.

Dinner will be served and guests will have a choice between stuffed pork loin medallions or vegetable wellington as their entrée. Admission is free for our FRVBC players. Parents and Siblings will be charged $30 at the door to attend.

Your Team Reps are sending out the attached invitation to your teams as well as collecting RSVPs and a meal count for your team.

Power 5 Odd Results

Two First Place Finishes!

15 White
1st in Division 2 (9th Overall)
15 Cardinal
1st in Division 4 (25th Overall)
13 Scarlet
8th Division 3 (24th Overall)
15 White
15 Cardinal

  FRVBC Olympian Summer Camp

FRVBC Open House

Tell your friends, neighbors & family members!

Interested in club volleyball? Looking to change clubs for next season? Want more information on everything that Front Range Volleyball Club has to offer? Please join us at our Open Houses in May and June to discover the unique elements of Front Range VBC. Tour our facility, meet our coaches, learn about our training philosophies, and view our history of excellence. We invite you to visit Front Range Volleyball Club - Building Champions Since 1981!

When: Saturday May 14th 2:30 - 4:00 PM or Saturday June 11th 2:30 - 4:00 PM

Where: FRVBC Facility 8480 Upland Drive Suite 100 Englewood CO 80112

Who: Prospective parents and players - our gym will be open to play a free rotating pairs tournament. Athletes can play & parents can learn more about FRVBC! The tournament will start promptly at 2:30 PM so arrive early!

Alumnae News

Yet another FRVBC alumna moves on to play professional volleyball. Nicole Edeleman announced that she will be continuing her volleyball career next year in Switzerland with Volleyball Franches Montagnes! Congratulations Nicole!
Save the Date! - Saturday 21st May at 1.00 PM the unveiling of the Front Range Volleyball Club Walls of Fame! Details to follow.

Join our FRVBC Alumni Group on LinkedIn. If you have played with FRVBC or coached with FRVBC, you are welcome to join this group and reconnect with old teammates and network with other alumni. We are excited to help young professionals from our program continue to pursue excellence in their adult lives. Join today:https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7022930

5 Amazing Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Playing Volleyball

By Elynn Lee a lifelong volleyball player

Playing volleyball teaches you a number of lessons that are applicable to life both on and off the court. Volleyball is an amazing game with lots of little subtleties to it that make it really enjoyable to watch, especially once you know what's going on. I've played volleyball almost my whole life, and still play every week! Along the way, I've learned a lot from the game and my teammates.

Communicating in a Helpful Way

As in any team sport, communication is key. Because players on a volleyball court are relatively close together (and only with people from their team), they're able to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. This includes things like helping front row hitters swing towards an empty spot or alerting a blocker that there's a tip coming over instead of a hard hit or helping the setter know when you're ready to hit (which can also distract the opposing team). Additionally, because you only get 3 attempts to get the ball over, it's extremely important to communicate who is getting the ball. Some of the worst point losses are those where a ball drops and no one goes for it because everyone assumes "someone else is going to get it". With good communication, you know where everyone on the court is and what they're doing.

Making Quick, Strategic Decisions

Volleyball is a really, really fast paced game. When teaching, we always tell students to make sure they're in a "ready position" (ie, their knees are slightly bent, they're on the balls of their feet, hands out slightly in front of them ready to pass with forearms or fingertips). This is because if you have to transition from standing up straight down to a good passing position, you've already delayed yourself by a split second, which can be the difference between making and missing a pass. Same applies for hitting - when you're in the air, you only have a certain amount of time to swing, so you better either know where you're swinging beforehand or decide when you're in the air. As a setter, my job is to make sure that plays are made and our offense is running. It's impossible for me to decide (before the play) every single set that I'm going to make. I usually try to call the first one or make eye contact with one of my players, but because the game varies so much, you have to be able to make a quick decision on where to put the ball. Front row hitters have a lot of advantages because they can jump and maybe use the block, but maybe you set someone in the backrow because the other team has a big blocker. Or, maybe you trick the other team and tip the ball. But, of course, the most crucial time that this is important is when you have a bad pass and need to turn it into something good.

Trust and Highlighting Strengths of Your Teammates

At a high level, volleyball is a game where recognizing and trusting your teammates' abilities. You need to be able to trust that everyone else has good skills and, in an emergency, can step up to help out. But, it's in your best interest to not micromanage your teammates - instead, you need to find ways to build them up, encourage them to be confident, and set them up to succeed. I've seen some players get really frustrated with someone having a bad day or not playing up to standard. Instead of helping them or giving them encouragement, they'll reach in front of them or try to "hide" them on the court. While overexerting yourself and trying to do everything can sometimes help, you risk annoying your teammates and causing confusion on the court. Instead, it's important to find the balance between trusting them to take care of their portion of the court and helping them when they're in a tough spot. You start to recognize how important everyone's skills are and how the different parts fit together. This translates into the workplace, too! I think being a setter on a bunch of different kinds of teams has helped me understand how to lead teams in student organizations and at work. Setters typically wait for someone to pass the ball to them so that they can set up a hitter. This means I have to trust the passer to get the ball and then turn it into something that highlights the hitter. While I can micromanage the passer, there's no way for me to do it for them and means I have to delegate that responsibility to them. Relinquishing some of that control can be hard for leaders and managers, but it's an important skill for the team's success and morale.

Playing When You're Down

Volleyball teaches determination and tenacity. I've been on teams that have sunk their own ship, even when they're ahead. You start losing a couple of points and all of a sudden either you're behind or the lead is lost. It can be completely demoralizing... or you can call the time out, rally with your team, and work it out. The difference between the most and least enjoyable teams I've played on has been how the team plays when they're behind. Those that give up and settle are the ones that are less fun. Win or lose, games are a lot of fun when everyone is working and going for the ball. I've worked on a lot of teams across various activities, but I think I learned the most about "comebacks" from volleyball teams. The difference between giving up and fighting through adversity is very noticeable in volleyball. I've seen this from the lens of a team captain and as a player, too. Being the captain of a volleyball team teaches you about moments like these and how to rally the team, even if you're worried or scared. I learned a lot about putting my team's success before my own fear from being a volleyball captain.

Accepting and Owning Your Mistakes

No one likes playing with someone who thinks they're perfect. This is true in real life, too! Playing a team sport teaches you how to work with other people. When you make a mistake on the court, you've got to own up and say something like "I'll get it next time" instead of blaming the ball, the court, the lights, or whatever else. This carries over to situations off the court, too! If something I do doesn't go perfectly at work, it's not helpful for me to look for someone to blame or to blame the technology or my coworkers. Instead, I feel like I've gained more respect from my coworkers and teammates by being willing to acknowledge when something isn't perfect and offering a solution to make things better.

All in all, volleyball is an amazing sport. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven't! You'll learn a lot from it as a team sport, and it's a lot of fun. I've played on a number of volleyball teams in different settings such as club, high school team, college intramural teams, sand tournaments, and recreational teams as an adult. Across these different leagues, I've played on co-ed and women's teams as well as on teams where I knew every person and trained with them, to free agents that met on the day of the first game. Every team has been different and I've learned something new with every team I've played on. Though I'm still young and have many more games to play, I have learned a lot of great lessons from volleyball so far and can't wait to learn more!

PLEASE NOTE: CHSAA bylaws allow all HS athletes to attend camps/clinics/lessons during their season.

Permission from your Principal need to be sought in cases where HS athletes are seeking to practice or compete with other teams during the HS volleyball season.

FRVBC on Instagram

Front Range Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that we have joined Instagram. Instagram is a free app that allows a user to share photos with followers. We will be posting pictures of our teams throughout the year through this application. Start following us today! Players- please feel free to start tagging yourselves in these photos. http://instagram.com/frvbc Be sure to tag us "@frvbc" when posting pictures at the gym or at competition.


Team Reps and Parents - Photogrid is a free app that enables a user to input several pictures into one collage that can then be shared with others through Social Media. This is a great option for parents and players to make collages of tournaments to send to us to be shared using our FRVBC twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. Please keep this app in min

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