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February 5th, 2016

Important Dates

Regular Practice Schedule - Click here.

2016 Competition Schedule - Click here.

7 February - Power 2 Odd

12 February - Leave for Omaha Presidents Day Tournament

FRVBC Olympian Summer Camp

Omaha President's Day Tournament Travel Information

Tournament Information Link:

Tournament Schedule:

Ticket prices:
Three Day Pass=$25.00
Single Day Pass=$10.00
Tickets are required for all spectators older than age 6. http://www.asicspresidentsday.com/tickets/prices/

We will depart Front Range at 7am on 2/12/16.  So you must be here by 6:45am.  All players are required to ride the bus to Omaha.  There will be mandatory bus stops along the way for the drivers.  Some of these stops, the only people allowed off off the bus is the bus driver.  There will be one stop along the way where everyone is allowed to get off and grab some food.  On the bus, it is suggested that the players pack a lunch bag with snacks, sandwiches and water because it is a long ride.  We will arrive in Omaha around 5pm as long as there are no weather or traffic issues.  Hotel informations is

Hilton Garden Inn Omaha Downtown
1005 Dodge St
Omaha, NE 68102

On our way home, we will leave the convention center once everyone is finished playing.  If players are leaving with their parents, they will need to make sure their coach and chaperones know.  On the bus ride home we will order pizza and will make one stop along the way.  We will have the players call parents to come and pick them up at Front Range when we are about an hour out.  We have in the past made it made it back to Denver around midnight but sometimes later.

Food for Thought

My son didn't start today! - Written by Coach Fore, who is a Special Education Algebra teacher, Varsity Special Teams Coordinator, and former Athletic Director in Southern California.  He has coached football for 15 years.

My letter to every girl who plays sports - and her parents - An article by Molly Fletcher competed for Michigan State’s women’s tennis team and is raising three daughters who play sports. She works to inspire and equip game changers to dream, live and grow fearlessly. A keynote speaker and author, Molly draws on her decades of experiences working with elite athletes and coaches as a sports agent, and applies them to the business world.

Top 50 Recruiting Tips

Over the next few newsletters we will be sharing the top 50 recruiting tips from the NCSA Athletic Recruiting website. If you can't wait the full list can be found at here.

31 Many of the best financial aid packages come from “non-scholarship” Division III programs. If a Division III program wants an athlete, it often finds a need- or non-need-based scholarship that applies to the student. Division III schools give financial aid based on how much they need a student-athlete, even if it is not in the form of “athletic” scholarships. You want to have multiple opportunities to negotiate the best scholarships possible.

32 The average high school coach has contact with fewer than five college coaches, most of whom are local. Student-athletes and their families are responsible for connecting with college coaches.

33 An invitation for an official visit is a good sign that a scholarship offer is coming. If an athlete is not offered an official visit, they are not likely to be offered a scholarship.

34 College coaches do most of their initial evaluations by looking at videos from reliable sources and delivered online. After watching a video, a coach may make an in-person evaluation.

35 January 1 is the first day seniors can submit the FAFSA – do it as soon as possible! Money is given on a first come, first serve basis. You fill out the FAFSA using information from last year’s tax returns.

36 College student-athletes earn, on average, between $12,850 (for in-state, public school students) to $21,266 per year (for private school students) in scholarships, grants, and financial aid every year. That adds up over the course of 4-5 years.

37 Student-athletes who take the initiative to schedule unofficial visits will likely move up the recruitment list if they:
- Bring a list of questions to ask the coach,
- Express knowledge about the program, and
- Arrive on time with a copy of their resume and highlight or skills video.

38 The wider you cast your net looking for opportunities in college, the more you will find. Don’t fixate on “big name” schools – search high and low for the right college fit.

39 College coaches send admissions materials, brochures, and questionnaires to high school students to see which ones respond. Those who do will stay on the recruiting list; those who don’t will be taken off it. If you receive a questionnaire, admissions material or brochure from a college coach – respond immediately, regardless of whether you want to attend the school. Even if you don’t, being recruited there may give you leverage down the road.

40 Call, introduce yourself, and find out who you should contact before you start sending your information to a program. If you want to be considered, make sure they are expecting to hear from you.

41-50 next week!

Alumnae News

We are excited to launch our FRVBC Alumni Group on LinkedIn. If you have played with FRVBC or coached with FRVBC, you are welcome to join this group and reconnect with old teammates and network with other alumni. We are excited to help young professionals from our program continue to pursue excellence in their adult lives. Join today: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7022930

Front Range VBC Parent Channel

As many of you are aware we have a 'Parent Channel' on Datfish TV that has many videos to keep our parents in the loop with the way we train our athletes. You should be receiving an email each time a new video is placed on the channel. Some of you have had difficulty viewing these so we have also set up a YouTube channel that contains the same videos. The channel can be viewed by clicking here and we suggest you bookmark and subscribe to it once you have accessed the site.

Below is the latest video showing ankle rehabilition 101.

To Ice Or Not To Ice? That is the Question!

You may have noticed that at Front Range we have taken a step away from icing. We are not saying that Ice is always bad. Ice has a great pain relieving affect, however if you abuse the use of ice it can be more harmful than helpful. The sources on the link below are studies that are being recognized by the National Athletic Trainers Association as well as many other accredited governing bodies that will help shed some light on the benefits and potential hazards of Icing… 

Ice or Not to Ice

RMR Power 2 Even Results

Team Result
16 Blue Division 2 - 4th (9th Overall)
14 Amber Division 1 - 8th
14 Royal Division 3/4 - 12th (28th Overall)
12 Pink Division 2 - 6th (14th Overall)

RMR Power 5 Odd - February 7th

Team Venue
17 Silver Division 1 - Regis University
15 White Division 1 - University of Northern Colorado
15 Cardinal Division 3/4 - Johnson and Wales University
13 Scarlet Division 3/4 - Highlands Ranch HS

Shoe Sale

We have a few pairs of shoes left for sale. The following sizes are available.

Mizuno Wave Lightning ($70.00) - Sizes 6, 7

Mizuno Wave Bolt ($60.00) - Sizes 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11

Contact Jen Youngblood or Steve Colpus if you wish to make a purchase

PLEASE NOTE: CHSAA bylaws allow all HS athletes to attend camps/clinics/lessons during their season.

Permission from your Principal need to be sought in cases where HS athletes are seeking to practice or compete with other teams during the HS volleyball season.

FRVBC on Instagram

Front Range Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that we have joined Instagram. Instagram is a free app that allows a user to share photos with followers. We will be posting pictures of our teams throughout the year through this application. Start following us today! Players- please feel free to start tagging yourselves in these photos. http://instagram.com/frvbc Be sure to tag us "@frvbc" when posting pictures at the gym or at competition.


Team Reps and Parents - Photogrid is a free app that enables a user to input several pictures into one collage that can then be shared with others through Social Media. This is a great option for parents and players to make collages of tournaments to send to us to be shared using our FRVBC twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. Please keep this app in min

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