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December 19th, 2014

The Under Armour HS All America Game

Don't miss The Under Armour HS All America Game which will be aired on the CBS Sports Network on Saturday Dec. 20th at 4pm MNT. Front Range setter Jordyn Poulter will be taking part in the match! Good luck Jordyn!

FRVBC Alumna, Elizabeth Campbell

AVCA Honorable Mention All-America.

Congratulations to FRVBC Alumna Elizabeth Campbell of Ohio State University, who earned an AVCA All-America Honorable Mention today. Elizabeth served as a six-rotation player for the Scarlet & Gray, accumulating 2.77 kills, 1.65 digs and .57 blocks per set. She elevated her game in Big Ten play, ranking in the conference's top-10 with 3.70 points, 3.18 kills and .24 assists per set. She was named the ESPNW National Player of the Week and B1G Player of the Week after posting a 20-20 match (23 kills, 20 digs) in Ohio State's road victory at Nebraska on Oct. 4.

Hunter Noon

The volleyball community is mourning the loss of former Front Range Volleyball athlete, Hunter Noon.  On November 18th, Hunter Noon, 19, passed away while he was attending college at Baylor University. Hunter’s shining and positive personality brought joy to everyone who knew him on and off the volleyball court.  He will be truly missed.

The Noon family respectfully asks that you consider a donation to the memorial fund noted below.

Hunter ‘4-Paws’ Noon Memorial Fund

Contributions can be made in two ways:

  • At any Wells Fargo Bank tell the teller you want to make a contribution to a memorial fund and mention the above named memorial fund and account number below.
  • Mail a contribution payable to the above named memorial fund to:
    Wells Fargo Third Party Deposit
    P O Box 5629
    Portland, OR 97228-5629
    Include account # 7299097365
    on the memo line of your check.

All monies will be donated to young people in need. This is our commitment to honoring our son, Hunter, who gave his friendship so freely to all people.

Recruiting Tips

Article supplied by Lindsey Martin, FRVBC Recruiting Coordinator

As finals for most high schools come to a close this week, and many kids will have the opportunity to look toward their future college volleyball careers, I thought it would be a good time to start a series for our athletes on how to look into what college they would like to attend!  Although volleyball programs, location, and school colors (I mean, fashion is of course on every teenager’s mind) are very important, I thought we should first focus on what our players could be studying in college, and what they might do afterwards!!  I know it’s a LOT to ask a teenager to pick what they are going to do with the rest of their lives, RIGHT NOW, but I think its good to look ahead a little bit, and at least be knowledgable! 

I understand that many of our young athletes (as well as their parents) are anticipating a successful and lucrative future after college, so in this article, I will focus on FORBES 10 Most Valuable College Majors.  Granted, there are plenty of other jobs or majors to select from, all of which can have great occupational gain after college, but like I said above – this is a starting point for our athletes, and I will follow up with many other articles that will explain multiple other facets of college selection and life for them to consider, as well, in other articles! 

So here is what FORBES (online) believes are the top 10 Most Valuable College Majors, at least for the 2014 year! 

No. 1: Biomedical Engineering

Starting Median Pay: $53,800

Mid-Career Median Pay: $97,800

Growth In Pay: 82%

Projected Job Growth: 61.7%

No. 2: Biochemistry

Starting Median Pay: $41,700

Mid-Career Median Pay: $84,700

Growth In Pay: 103%

Projected Job Growth: 30.8%

No. 3: Computer Science

Starting Median Pay: $56,600

Mid-Career Median Pay: $97,900

Growth In Pay: 73%

Projected Job Growth: 24.6%

No. 4: Software Engineering

Starting Median Pay: $54,900

Mid-Career Median Pay: $87,800

Growth In Pay: 60%

Projected Job Growth: 24.6%

No. 5: Environmental Engineering

Starting Median Pay: $51,700

Mid-Career Median Pay: $88,600

Growth In Pay: 71%

Projected Job Growth: 21.9%

No. 6: Civil Engineering

Starting Median Pay: $53,100

Mid-Career Median Pay: $90,200

Growth In Pay: 70%

Projected Job Growth: 19.4%

No. 7: Geology

Starting Median Pay: $45,300

Mid-Career Median Pay: $83,300

Growth In Pay: 84%

Projected Job Growth: 19.3%

No. 8: Management Information Systems

Starting Median Pay: $51,000

Mid-Career Median Pay: $88,200

Growth In Pay: 73%

Projected Job Growth: 18.1%

No. 9: Petroleum Engineering

Starting Median Pay: $97,900

Mid-Career Median Pay: $155,000

Growth In Pay: 58%

Projected Job Growth: 17%

No. 10: Applied Mathematics

Starting Median Pay: $52,600

Mid-Career Median Pay: $98,600

Growth In Pay: 88%

Projected Job Growth: 16.7%

All this being said, I was a teacher for three years, and then started a career of being a volleyball coach (at the college and club level) and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my life and job.  So, make sure you find something that doesn’t just make you lots of money, but also makes you happy.  More to come soon!! 

(All information gathered for this article can be found by clicking here)

Crossroads Exhibitor Opportunities

Colorado Crossroads National Volleyball Qualifier invites you to join them for their 29th annual event Feb 21-23 and Feb 27-Mar 1. Exhibitors and sponsors play an integral part of our tournament. If you are interested, please submit a proposal to Amy Conway at amy.conway@coloradocrossroads.org. She will work closely with you to make your participation a pleasant experience.

Why exhibit at the tournament?
25,000+ attendees each weekend in one central location
98% of participants shop the Marketplace multiple times during the event
Numerous opportunities for face-to-face interaction with purchase decision markers
Precisely defined, targeted audience
Turn-key, professionally-managed operation - 29 years of experience
Top-quality event with proven track record of success for exhibitors

Who attends Colorado Crossroads?
Girls ages 10-18 who are volleyball players and will be going to college in the near future
Families who spend time and money traveling to watch their children compete in volleyball tournaments
Over 2500 club and high school volleyball coaches who make purchase decisions for their programs
Over 400 college volleyball coaches who are recruiting players for their respective schools and who have free time

Screenings for FR Athletes Through Partnership with Rebound Therapy

New Dates Now Available

At the beginning of the season we will be providing functional movement screens of all our FRVBC athletes. The series of tests or screens are designed to pick up on any weaknesses or faulty movement patterns. The tests are specific to volleyball and the stresses this puts on different parts of the body. These screens are conducted by a physical therapist staff member of the Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic at no additional cost to FRVBC athletes.  http://www.reboundclinic.com/home
Areas to be screened:

  1. Mobility or range of motion in the shoulders. Is the motion excessive, asymmetrical or painful.
  2. Posture and postural awareness. What is the athlete’s posture in rest and when moving.
  3. Quad strength, hip mobility and hip strength. Is the athlete quad dominant, are there asymmetries in movement in the hips, knees and ankles. Is there compensatory movement, specifically in the hips, knees and ankles. Is there pain with squatting and finally is there restriction in movement.
  4. Core strength, including hip and abdominal strength. Is there a weakness and compensatory movement pattern.

Djimmer Bosman has done these screens for several years now and is seeing a pattern in injuries and weaknesses. Part of this is being addressed by Billy Glisan (Strength and Conditioning Coach for FRVBC) in the conditioning and SAQ portion of team practice. But there are some basic things that all athletes can work on individually to allow their body’s to be able to compete to the best of their abilities, while minimizing the risk of injury.

This year screens will be at the Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic. Djimmer will begin screens the Wednesday December 10th. We would like all screens for athletes completed as soon as possible.

Appointments are available during the hours listed below (more appointment times to come)

  • Friday December 19th from 3-6pm
  • Sunday December 21st from 10-2pm
  • Monday December 22nd from 4.30-7pm

Parents should contact Djimmer by e-mail: djimmerb@gmail.com or phone: 303-689-2222 and schedule an appointment for their athlete. Each screen will take about 15 minutes. Please feel free to call or e-mail Djimmer with any questions.

Clinic phone, Rebound: 303-689-2222
Djimmer e-mail: djimmer@reboundclinic.com or djimmerb@gmail.com
Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic
8101 E. Belleview Ave, suite I (next door to GolfTec on the east side of Marina Square shopping center) Denver, CO 80237.

Front Range Volleyball Club will again use this holiday season to help those in need by collecting items for The Gathering Place. www.tgpdenver.org Last few days to donate!

Information regarding the Gathering Place from their website:

The Gathering Place is Denver’s only daytime drop-in center for women, their children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. We provide programming and services to an average of 270 people every day.

Our Mission: We are a community of safety and hope where positive relationships, choice, and essential resources transform lives.

Our Guiding Principles: We serve women, children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. We believe in hope as an important change agent and hold that hope for everyone. We believe deeply in the power of community and continue working to develop it. Our key values include recognizing individual strengths, building respect and trust, and offering acceptance unconditionally.

Through Betsy’s Cupboard, our emergency food and supply pantry, The Gathering Place provides approximately 4,000 lbs of food and 40 toiletry bags each month for women, children, and transgender individuals who otherwise might not have enough food or basic supplies.

In addition to donating any of the items listed below, we are asking that you help us decorate our tree in the Front Range lobby with NEW women's and children's hats, gloves and mittens for The Gathering Place as well. Please drop off donated items into the red and green bin next to the tree or under the tree.

Non-Perishable, Unexpired Food
• Peanut butter
• Soups and stews
• Brown rice
• Beans, canned or dry
• Pasta (whole grain preferred)
• Spaghetti sauce
• Milk, powdered, shelf stable, or canned
• Canned tuna, chicken breast, or salmon
• Canned fruits in 100% juice or in its own juice
• Canned vegetables
• Make-a-meal items (Hamburger or Tuna Helper, Macaroni & Cheese)
• Snack items (e.g. tuna and cracker packs, crackers, nuts)
• Granola bars
• Oatmeal or other whole grain hot cereals
• Cold cereal (whole grain preferred)
• 100% bottled juice
• Vegetarian products
• Microwavable items

New Personal Supplies
• Deodorant
• Lotion
• Toothbrushes and toothpaste
• Tampons/pads
• Shampoo and conditioner
• Razors
• Hair care products
• Denture Polygrip/Efferdent
• New socks and underwear for women and children
• Laundry detergent
• Dish soap

New Baby Items
• Baby powder, lotion, shampoo, and bath wash
• Unexpired baby food
• Unopened packages of diapers (Sizes 4, 5, 6 and Pull-Ups)
• Baby wipes
• Sippy cups
• Children’s vitamins
• Pedialyte

• Tissues/Kleenex
• Toilet paper
• King Soopers/Safeway gift cards
• Small can openers
• Flash drives

2014 Upcoming Events & Important Dates

12/20 - 12/21: Winter Freeze Tournament (Full)

1/3 First practice day of 2015!

Happy Holidays

Front Range Volleyball Club would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year! In observance of the upcoming holiday season, regular team practices will end on Friday 19th December for girls teams and restart on 3rd January 2015.

FRVBC on Instagram

Front Range Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that we have joined Instagram. Instagram is a free app that allows a user to share photos with followers. We will be posting pictures of our teams throughout the year through this application. Start following us today! Players- please feel free to start tagging yourselves in these photos. http://instagram.com/frvbc Be sure to tag us "@frvbc" when posting pictures at the gym or at competition.


Team Reps and Parents - Photogrid is a free app that enables a user to input several pictures into one collage that can then be shared with others through Social Media. This is a great option for parents and players to make collages of tournaments to send to us to be shared using our FRVBC twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. Please keep this app in min

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