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March 27th, 2015

FRVBC Summer Camps

College Coaches Series Announced

Register at TM2Sign.com NOW! Limited to 60 campers per day (15 per court). Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

RMR Power 4 Odd Results and Power 5 Even Playing Sites This Weekend

RMR Power 5 Even 3/29/15

16 Red 16 Division 4 @ Eaton HS
14 Amber 14 Division 1 @ NORCO Facility
14 Royal 14 Division 3 @ Momentum Facility
12 Pink 12 Division 1 @ NORCO Facility
12 Rose 12 Division 4 @ Ponderosa HS

RMR Power 4 Odd Results

15 White 15 Division 1 6th Place
15 Cardinal 15 Division 4 5th Place (29th Overall)
14 Boys 15 Division 6 3rd Place (43rd Overall)
13 Scarlet 13 Division 3 5th Place (21st Overall)

Good luck to all our teams playing this weekend! Please support the teams if you can make it!

Big Sister, Little Sister

The next dates for a big sister/ little sister meeting are as follows:

181/141 on Saturday, April 11th 12PM

161/131 on Saturday, April 11th 1PM

162/142 on Saturday, April 11th 1PM

151/121 on Wednesday, April 8th at 5:45PM

152/122 on Wednesday, April 8th at 5:45PM

These meetings will only take 15 minutes.

"Put Me In Coach!"

10 Ways to Earn More Playing Time

We found this great article written by Kate Leavell who is a national coaching education trainer for US Lacrosse, as well as a high school varsity and NCAA Division III women's lacrosse coach in metro Atlanta, and a certified strength and conditioning coach.

Here are 10 ways to get yourself off the bench and into the game.
1. Push your hardest in practice the day after a game
Some of your teammates who played a lot in the game last night are going to be recovering at the next practice. If you didn’t play as much, then you’ll have fresh legs and extra energy that can really make you stand out at practice—but only if you push through the mental block from not playing and turn it up at practice. The day after games is your time to shine. Get your coaches attention and step up!
2. Get to practice early
Bring some balls or cones and work on your weaknesses. Is it your left hand? Your dodging? Recovery times? Does your coach know you are putting the time in because (a) they see you working hard, or even better, (b) they notice you are improving?
3. Become a student of the game
Instead of chatting on the sidelines, study the players in your position that are getting the playing time. Try to copy the moves they make and where they go on the field. Look at their mistakes and learn how to avoid them so that when you get on the field you aren’t repeating the same mistakes. After games, take a few minutes to grab a notebook or write some notes on your phone about things you can do to improve at the next game.
4. Be coachable
I love when players ask me after practice what they need to work on. It means they want to put the time in to improve. Take some risks and try the skills the way the coach asks, even if it’s outside your comfort zone. Risk the dropped ball and get the mechanics right. The rest will come with repetition.
5. Get in line with the ballers, not the distractors
When it’s time to pick a line, get in a group, or pick a partner, pick someone who is better than you - someone who is focused that will push you to be better. Pairing off with someone that is going to distract you or who gives minimal effort will reflect back on your performance. Look to the leaders on the field as partners and ask them questions - it’s a great way to get ahead on your own skills. If shooting isn’t one of your strengths, find a ways to set up one of the starters. Find a role that the coach needs on the field and show that off at practice.
6. Look for the good of the team instead of focusing on yourself
If your time on the field is all about getting your own goal or attention, then you put the spotlight on yourself. That’s great if you do something awesome, but in many cases, it’s going to highlight your weaknesses. Instead, focus on doing something that makes the team look amazing.
Set someone up, make space, pull off a great slide, get in solid 1-on-1 body positioning, or execute a double team. A great check is beautiful, but if you give up body position to take it, then you’re probably not going to be on the field long. If your stick work is weak, become great at distracting defenders and opening up lanes for the shooters rather than driving in and asking for the ball repeatedly. Coaches tend to pull out players when they think they might be a turnover risk, so your ability to help the team minimize risk is part of becoming an impact player for your team.
7. Be honest with yourself
Take a good, hard look at where your skills are and whether you are really putting it all out there every day. Everyone has room to improve. If you focus your blame solely on the coaches, then your growth mindset closes. There is always something you can work on. Maybe it’s skills, conditioning or even attitude. Maybe it’s nerves, mental toughness or recovery after mistakes. Find your strengths and use them often. Don’t know what your strengths are? Ask the coach what you are doing well, not just where you need to improve. Find your weakness and train them up.
8. Be committed
Schedule appointments and other activities outside of practice and game times. Players who miss a lot of practice will struggle to get playing time because they miss important instruction. Everyone wants to be in all of the activities that they love, but take an honest assessment of your schedule. If you are committed to too many things and it’s taking away from your overall academic and athletic development, it might be time to prioritize.
9. Remember that playing time is a small part of being on a team
Everyone loves to play the game, but on a tryout team, usually the best of the best get on the field the most. You have the opportunity to let that push you to be better and to compete like you’re at tryouts every day.
Embrace the experience of being a part of a group that is working together, each in their own roles of support and playmaking, to become great. Celebrate your teammates’ success, push the teammates around you that need help and focus on putting out your best effort at all times. Players that hang their head after a win because of their own playing time are still learning the meaning of team.
10. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come from one great play or one great practice
Success comes from the little efforts you make repeatedly, day in and day out, over the course of the season. When you feel discouraged, remember why you tried out for the team in the first place, how it felt when you made the roster, and wear your jersey with pride. You earned your spot, now go earn your playing time!

The complete article can be found here on the US Lacrosse website.

FRVBC Spring Skills Camps

Spring Break Private Lessons

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